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Selfie Mental Disorder? Who Cares!

Ok we all by now already know that there’s not such thing as “selfitis” or seflie mental disorder. It as just a lie made up by some website that was desperate to getting anything they publish to go viral.

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It went viral alright, and the site got a surge in traffic overnight, but some people did believe the nonsense. Well, I can’t say I was surprised by the viral effect of the term “selfitis” or the whole phrase “selfie mental disorder”. Afterall a huge number of people would be concerned if what they do everyday and share on social media is a mental disorder.

So just to be clear here: taking a selfie photo is not a @#$% mental disorder as the rumor says. Narcicism is, and being obsessed of selfies could be a sign.

From a different perspective selfies are sometimes needed. Say you want to set up a profile on a social media and you don’t have a nice photo of you handy. Just grab your smart phone and take a selfie to post in your profile. The same goes for dating sites, especially if you don’t want your spouse to know about it ;-)*.

The concept of taking a self photo is the natural development of human behaviour. People are lazy organisms. Look at all the inventions around you as you are reading this and tell me how many of those machines doesn’t make you lazier than before?

So out of laziness instead of going to a professional (and pay money) to get a nice photo for your profiles you just do it yourself even if you don’t get the same quality.

In fact taking a selfie is an art that most of those who do it are not good at. Honestly, on twitter I have friends who are artists in taking selfies and every time I log in my twitter account I look for their latest (yes I mean you pretty-eyes fisher-girl mother-to-be ;-), and I mean it in the most respectful way). But I see other selfies shared by my friends and look at the background and the quality of the picture and think: my 8 year old can do a lot better.

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* Seriously, if you have been to any of those dating sites you’ll be shocked with the number of married people who are there for a “discrete” relationship. The funny part is this: most don’t want to date a married person :-).