My Nutrisystem Review

NutriSystem - Marie Osmand lost 50 lbsNutrisystem …

is one of the most advertised weight loss programs. They deliver your daily 3 meals + 2 snacks daily to your door. The food is both fresh/frozen and plain old cooked meals that you microwave and eat. Also it costs way less than Jenny Craig (almost half).

So far sounds good. But there are things you need to know before you place your first order.

Who Nutrisystem is not for:

  1. If you have any food allergies this is not for you. So stay away from it.
  2. If you are kind of picky on your food again this might not be for you. There are occasions where they don’t have your ordered item in their inventory and would replace it with something else. So if you build hopes on eating pizza today and would be disappointed if you get Sushi instead then this is not for you.
  3. There is an additional cost to the actual program. In addition to the meals you are required to add fresh veggies and fruits, and dairy products from your local grocery store. So in addition to the $299 you’ll pay for one month of meals and snacks you might be required to spend about $60 more on the above items.
  4. If you can’t stop consuming alcohol then Nutrisystem is not for you as might be required to give up on alcohol as long as you are on their diet if you want to see the promised results.

Now that we’re done with who this is not for it’s time to talk about who will benefit from it.

Who can benefit from Nutrisystem

If you want to lose weight and the one thing holding you back is that you dine out all the time because you can’t have the time to cook (or just can’t cook :-)), can not decide how much is just right, or you can’t get your head around the calories thingy, then Nutrisystem is for you.

What they do is that they give you a diet plan to follow, send you the food that you’ll be consuming on daily basis, and support you through their phone support and online forum until you reach your goal in weight loss. They count the calories, cook the food, and all you have to do is eat it.

The average $299 is not bad if you compare that with eating out. That’s less than $10/day for 3 meals and 2 snacks.

In case of cancellation/refund requests

One thing you need to keep in mind before you place your order; cancellations and refunds are a real pain in you-know-what!

The significantly low cost (compared with similar services) comes with a price for you. Let’s say their customer service is not the best in town. From what I read, if you cancel your order please do yourself a big favor and ask for a confirmation number.

If after you’ve read through this review you think you want to give Nutrisystem a try click here to place your first order and get 40% off.

I am affiliated with Nutrisystem and if you place your order through my link above I get commission. This is what I do for living.

$1/month Basic Web Hosting from Go Daddy

GoDaddy_1_Dollar_HostingMillions of people search every month for cheap web hosting every month. I know that because I have the tools to get to know what people are searching for online. And since I build many websites for myself and my friends and clients, I have a good idea about this market.

The cheapest web hosting deal around is GoDaddy’s special offer of $12/year and it comes with a free domain name registration.

There’s a reason it is that cheap. It’s a basic hosting and this price is only for the first year. After that you’ll be paying the regular price which is $3.99/month if you pay for 2 years in advance.

When I compare it with a iPage web hosting ($2.25/month) I see more than double the price, but I get $200 of advertising coupons to spend with Facebook, Google, and bing! Now this is a good deal.

So here is how I would go around it. If I need a personal blog or a I am going to build a money making website and send traffic to it using free methods only I would take GoDaddy’s deal. The cost is less than a medium sized pizza and that’s all. I’ll think about the regular price later when I the year is over.

The opposite is true if I want to build a professional website for a client or myself, or a website that’s too commercial to optimize for search engines (no real value for the readers other than finding the product they’re searching for), in that case I’ll take iPage’s deal. $200 of free advertising could be at least doubled if I have an optimized paid-advertising campaign ready.

You’ve got the idea, reflect on your own situation. Do you need advertising? Go for iPage. You don’t need the advertising? Go for GoDaddy.


Latest Siimba Club’s Offer: A 7 inch Android Tablet for $1

Siimba-Android-Tablet-for-1-dollarToday I found this offer from Siimba to the Canadian market. The offer is $1 for 3-day-trial, and if you link to them on Facebook (they give you the link, not just anyone) and get 3 of your friends to LIKE them on Facebook you get a 7 inch Android tablet (valued $229).

Pretty good deal if you ask me.

The details are important to understand before you sign up.

Siimba club is a saving club. As a member you get access to discounts and savings on basically anything you could buy from the market.

You know those flyers that come in the mail with weekly deals from the grocery stores? It’s kind of like that but it extends to cover everything you might need for your household.

Cameras, cell phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, home theatres, printers, desktops, monitors, home appliances … are just examples of what you get discounts on.

Those deals are exclusive, which means you only get access to these deals through your Siimba club’s membership.

But there is a CATCH!

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad one.

Those deals are locked. To Unlock each deal there’s a video ad that comes with it, and you are required to share it (use Facebook, twitter, and Google+ for fastest results) and get a certain volume of views over a certain stretch of time.

Can you do that?

I am pretty sure you can. Everyone with a Facebook account and some friends can do it.

As a single parent I highly appreciate this kind of deals, and I am in a hunt for such. And I highly recommend it.

I don’t have to tell you now that Siimba pays me commission, do I? OK, they do. But who cares, you get the deals and I get the commission, it’s a win/win.

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

Fire phone from Amazon ... Technological Break Through
Fire Phone from Amazon … technological break through

If you have visited website recently you would have noticed the announcement of the newest Amazon product: Amazon fire phone, a smart phone designed by Amazon. After creating their top notch tablet Kindle Fire, the only next step that makes sense is to create a smart phone built and operated by their own technology and software.

If you have a Kindle fire you can understand why I am super excited about the fire phone. It’s like a dream came true for me and many others. But let’s put my excitement aside, because I am sure this is not what you came here to read about, and let’s focus on the evaluation of the phone itself.

In this lens you’ll learn about some between the lines features of the new phone. It’s going to be a personal evaluation of the product from what Amazon has to say about it. An actual review of the product could be available later since the product is still in the pre-order phase at the moment of writing this.

Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (AT&T)

Dynamic Perspective
I call it 3D. Have you ever dreamt about a phone or a tablet with 3D display? Well … this is what fire phone provides with the dymanic perspective feature. You tilt it and you see the picture from a different angel as if the picture is deep inside your phone. As per the words of one of the first reviewers in the video: it’s like you are looking at a different world as you look at the lock screen.

Watch the video review of fire phone on

The same feature makes maps more fun than ever. You move the phone or move the map with your touch and the view changes like real world.

Now imagine this feature when you’re playing a game on your fire phone. I just watched the video and I can’t wait to put my hand on one of those. And I am not a big fan of games, haven’t been since I turned 26 and I am now 44!

Tilt instead of dragging

You know with Android and iOS to access a menu you touch that with your finger and drag it down? With the dynamic perspective all you need is to tilt it and the menu on that side will show. It’s like real life response to your moves.

Now I want you to think about the times you tried to open a menu at the top of your Android or iOS holding your phone in one hand and using your thumb to touch the menu and drag it. How many times you were about to drop it (if you haven’t already)? With this feature in Fire phones you can just tilt it and the menu will open.

Scroll by moving the phone

So instead of touching the screen just move the phone as much as you want the scrolling down spead to be and just read. You don’t need to use fingers any more, except for choosing from menus I guess.

My personal concern right now is that I might not want the phone to keep responding to all the moves I do. Mayble I want to check my watch (really I don’t know why I check time in my hand watch although it is in front of my eyes on the phone) and I don’t want to keep having things popping up on my screen and tilting it right and left to get rid of them to continue what I was doing.

If so, is there an on/off option for the dynamic perspective?

Apps Apps Apps

If you are switching from Android don’t worry about missing your favorite apps. Fire phone runs android apps as well as it’s own. I’ll never forget the disappointment when I got a black berry and wanted to install Skype on it! Any one?


The fire fly app recognizes the photos, video clips, audio and tells you where they came from. It can give you the phone number and email address of a business that you just scanned with your phone. This is how a smart phone should do. It’s like a smart search engine (sorry Google, didn’t mean to offend you).

32 and 64 GB, Better Camera, Quad Core Fast Processor, and 2GB of RAM

At the price point of fire phone 32GB you can only get a 16GB Samsung 4 Android or an iPhone 5, and you don’t get this amazing dynamic perspective technology. Add $100 and you can get a 64GB, that’s enough to forget about any flash or SD storage medium. Imagine the amount of movies, pictures, or just any files you can store on that. Do you know that some of the MacAir laptops have 64GB drives?

My question would be: how much of that storage space is taken by this sophisticated operating system?

The processors and the RAM gives you the experience of flowless computing. And the camera together with it’s software gives better photography.

The good feature about the camera that it has it’s dedicated button. Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a squirrel eating an icecream cone and by the time you unlocked your phone, found the camera app, and got the phone ready to take the photo the squirrel was done eating the cone already?

Ok I know not because it happened to me it could happen to you as well, but you got my point. With the dedicated button you just point and shoot, like a stand alone camera.

You are the winner

This really smart fire phone has set the bar really high this time. The astonishing features of the new Samsung 4 and iPhone 5 had their impact on the new best of all fire phone. I am sure that the next Samsung 5 and iPhone 6 will have even more amazing features to be able to compete with this.

And at the end of the day you are the winner out of this competition.

Pre order fire phone on

Using Coupons to Save on Day to Day Expenses

Have you ever watched extreme couponing on TV when the nice lady shows up at the cashier with tons of groceries and after she uses the coupons she ends up paying six bucks? I need to shop with that that lady :-).

It’s not a randome thing she’s doing by clipping coupons from magazines or printing them from the web. There is a science and strategy behind her method.

For example, there are stores that don’t allow more than one promotion (coupons, coupon + discount, store discount + manufacturer discount, … etc) on the same item. This limits the method to certain store chains. She lists those stores and shows you where to get the coupons from.

Another example, another extreme couponer says she checks shopping carts for receipts left by previous shoppers. She’s not looking for personal stuff, rather she’s looking for a discount promised for the next time they shop in the same store and she uses them. Lesson learned: it’s a good habit to double check your receipt.

A third example is store points. Some stores have expiration dates on the points collected. So if you have not collected enough points to redeem for purhcases you lose your balance. It is cheap and mean, and it’s their way to lose their customers to other stores that have no expiration on their loyalty rewards.

At one point of time I didn’t have any cash flow for months while my debt was increasing, still I managed to get hundreds worth of groceries and household items paying with my reward points with two major stores.

This stuff is powerful. I know it first hand. Not claiming to be a power or extreme couponer like those ladies, but when I had my back to the wall I used coupons and reward points to survive for months.

Life is tugh, and large business are somehow responsible for the economic collapse we are facing right now. It’s just fair to use their programs to survive until we figure out how to fix it.

You can download the power couponing guide here.

And the extreme couponing guide is here.