I started using this domain name for capturing leads for my network marketing business way in 2007. After a few months with that company I realized it was a waste of time and effort. I was also unfortunate to have unethical cheaters as my upline.

Anyway, the company disappeared a couple of years later and I am still here, with a lesson learned the hard way that network marketing could be an illusion. I am saying that because after trying with two other companies, and making some good money on the way, I learned that network marketing is not the best model because in real life it’s a totally different story.

You know, network marketing as an idea is a great one, only if it works. The idea of working hard now to  build a team who will carry on while you relax and watch your income inreasing is the dream of everyone. In reality, however, you never have the time to relax because this team will keep changing their minds and jumping from one opportunity to another, and some will be just lazy and want you to keep doing the work for them.

Also one I compared the money I make from each person I recruite (life time) with the money I make from a single sale as an affiliate to a similar service/product. It turned out that on average I make 3 times more money from straight sales.

So I quit network marketing and went full time affiliate for brands you know and probably have in your house right now.

I had to get this working because as a single father life is not the same anymore. I don’t have the luxury to work according to someone else’s terms. I need the time flexibility and freedom to be around my daughter hopefully until my wife shows up in our life one more time.

So on this blog you’ll learn about how I manage to stay around my daughter, how to plan our finances, how to manage our time together, and how you too can take things in your hands and follow our successful example.

That’s all. Just me.



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