How to make money online without investment

Back in 2006 I started my journey looking for a way to make money online without investment. It wasn’t because I was broke or something, but I couldn’t risk my family savings without knowing what I am doing. It would be kind of gambling and I don’t gamble. So I kept searching on forums and blogs, that turned out to be mostly biased due to a commission promise from some guru.

Anyway, long story short, I had to spend some money and time learning until I had a system. It was not a no cost system or anything. I had to invest in tracking software and paid advertising to make the kind of money I wished for. It was really nice while it lasted.

And like all good things that come to an end, Google closed my Adwords account, and a few months later they closed my Adsense account as well. Here goes at least $3000 of my monthly income. Other things also happened at the same time like losing my father and other family issues that led to me ending up broke and with $24,000 debt. So to come back I needed to figure out how to make money without investment for real this time.

I did one week marketing. At the time it was working well. A few squidoo lenses were responsible for around $1000 of my income that year. I also did forum marketing, door to door sales, and to pay the rent I had to do some one-on-one tutoring for some of my friends’ kids. But still I wasn’t able to pay that growing debt and the longer it took to pay it the more the interest accumulated.

A breakthrough happened when I started selling my own products online, and I discovered how I was being ripped off as an affiliate. Only then I started to pay my debt and restore my life back.

Since I don’t need those methods anymore I will share one of them in this post. So if you are interested in learning how to make money online without investment keep reading. This one method that works like charm and have been working for me for the last 8 years.

It’s one form of affiliate marketing that requires $0 investment, but in return you’ll have to invest a lot of working hours in the preparation and the actual marketing efforts.

In this method I do the following:

1. Find a hungry crowd

This “hungry crowd” term I learned from Travis Sago, the author of “Bum Marketing”. A hungry crowd is a group of people who have a real problem that’s urgent enough for them to be willing to pay any amount of money to get it solved.

I’ll give you an example that’s not necessarily a good one for marketing, just to let you know what I mean with a hungry crowd.

Imagine that your smoke detector is peeping all night. What’s the first thing you’ll do in the morning? You might take the day off just to fix this annoying thing. Right?

Or if you wake up in the morning with full bladder but unable to pee. Are you going to ignore this problem and go to work or you’ll rush to the emergency room?

You got the idea of the urgency and being willing to do anything to get it fixed. Now let’s move on.

2. Find a solution

Your second step is to find a solution that can fix this problem and at the same time pays you commission per sale. To simplify this post I will stick to the best affiliate network out there, which is ClickBank. I have my reasons to believe so, but that’s a story for another post.

In ClickBank’s market place you can search for products by keyword. So if you have the problem already from step 1 search for the same term in ClickBank’s market place search engine. If you find results check their sales pages to make sure they are still current and are functional. Then contact the vendors for a review copy.

After the new changes in the marketplace it’s the vendors’ best interest to give you the review copy instead of letting you buy it and refunding your purchase the next day. Compare the products to make sure that you have a real solution to reduce the refund rate. After all the work you’ll put in this method you don’t want to end up with all your sales refunded because the vendor is selling a crappy product that doesn’t work.

Also use those review copies to educate yourself about the problem and the solution. You will need that for the promotion part.

3. Be the expert

Go to the forums where you found your hungry crowd and sign up for an account. Start participating and giving advice based on the knowledge you gained from your research and the reviews you did in step 2.

Some will advice you to start new threads, my advice would be not to. Just answer the questions the other members have. Keep building your reputation as the expert in this problem until you have enough posts to get you ranked in the forum (some forums have ranking for the members, if not don’t worry about it).

4. Build your site

You can build a free blog on,, but my preferred platform is Google’s blogger. Again I have my reasons but for now just trust me on it. You will need to stay away from anything that looks, feels, or even smells spammy.

First post about yourself and your life briefly. Then start picking up questions from the forums you participated in and answer them on your blog.

Now go back to your forums accounts and add a signature that includes a link to your blog.

5. Get your affiliate link

Go to ClickBank and get your affiliate link to the product you think is the best in terms of solving the problem. Add this link to the end of your blog posts when appropriate (like when you answer a question related to the problem at the end link to the product using the short link and instruct your visitors to click it for more information on how to deal with this issue).

6. Keep promoting

Your participation in the forums is already doing some marketing for you. Every time someone searches for the answer of one of the questions you answered they’ll find your answer and a link to your blog in your signature. A percentage of those will visit your link to get more of your wisdom.

But this is not going to be enough. So you’ll continue participating in those forums and building reputation, and joining new forums and helping people with their problem.

And from the questions you answered you can start writing articles and publishing them on article directories like and link to your blog in your bio section.

7. Socialize

The most important social medium to use in your promotions is not Facebook, although it’s the biggest. Your time is more well spent on google +. I’ll leave the details out because this post is getting really long, just trust me on that. Make sure your google + profile includes links to where you are participating (forums, articles, blog … etc) and a nice face picture of you.

8. Expand

After you start seeing sales start investing in your real estate and build your own website on your own domain. The cheapest is Web Hosting by iPage – $1.99/month only. Don’t copy your old posts from your old blog yet. Start with new posts and newly written material, and link to them from your old blog.

If something goes wrong with the free blog (like if out of the blues Google decides to delete it for you) start moving your posts to the new blog, then go to the articles you published on article directories and change the link to your new blog.

That will be the first step on expanding.

The second step of expanding your source of income is to use the knowledge and the experience you gained from your engagement with your market to build your own product that solves the problem and start selling it on ClickBank. You already have a website to sell it on, and the authority that you’ve built over the time helping people find the solution to their urgent problem.

I hope you can make money without investment using this method. If you think it’s a good one wait until you see the other 5 no cost income systems I prepared for you.

Click here to get 89 videos explaining in details 5 different no cost income streams you can build right now.

An Instant Business in a Box

Table of content:

An Instant Business in a Box
What if I don’t have enough money to invest in solo ads?
What if I have no money at all to start?

Recently I became a single father of a very special 7 y/o girl (really special :0)). And since then I couldn’t help thinking what would I have done if I were to be one of the 9-5 employees. I run my own online business so I have the flexibility to be around my daughter’s school schedule, home works, field trips, concerts, events, play dates, doctor visits, and those wierd PA days (a real dilemma if you were to be a single parent with a job) … etc.

I also keep asking myself this question: what would I do if I get ruined for any reason? If I lose my business or if all my money making sites are hit by a black-n-white G-animal (SEOs know what I mean :-))?

I need a plan B ready and in place so that I don’t get any more surprises, especially that I have no family members around to help with my precious little angel.

So I decided to put a plan B, execute it and make sure it works. Not enough though, I have to come up with a plan C & D as well, just in case.

In this post I am going to share with you one of the plans I got ready for action. I call it an “instant business in a box” because it literally takes you from zero to a business owner over night. It’s not going to be an over night success though, but it is scalable and grows like a snowball the more you repeat the tasks in this plan.

An Instant Business in a Box:

The purpose of the following steps is to build what I refer to as an Online ATM Machine because it makes me money on demand (when I need money I do an hour of work, click a few buttons and money starts showing in my affiliate or merchant account).

This ATM machine is a list of subscribers who are willing to read my emails, and take my recommendations of other people products that I know can help them or buy my products that are designed to help them (don’t worry about this part yet, just keep reading and you’ll find it easier than you think).

To build this list of subscribers who are gladly willing to make me money while receiving a great value in the process you need 3 main things that usually cost around $20/month, but if you use the links and coupons provided on this page you’ll be able to get them for for a huge discount for the first month (so you can be making money before you get to spend any).

1 & 2. A blog (your own hosting, because non of the free blog services will allow you to do what I’ll be explaining in this post) and your own domain name (for the same reason). You can get a .com domain name from name cheap for as little as $3.99 the first YEAR, and host it on hostgator for $0.01 for the first month if you use this coupon dosclub2014.


If you are serious about building a long term business you can do all of the above in one step, save a lot of money, and get your domain for free in the process: iPage Web Hosting only $1.99/mo!!

3. An autoresponder. It’s a web based service that handles the list building, the database, and the email marketing processes. It’s a $10/month from (one of the top 3 in the industry, and the least expensive) but for the first month it’s FREE.

So far the total cost is really tiny. Not bad for a start up.

Now what?

First we need to build a simple blog that has an opt in form (registration form) that people can use to enter their names and emails to receive a valuable gift from your blog.

In hostgator you get in the control panel an smiley blue icon for a program called “Fantastico”. Click that button, choose wordpress from the left hand menu, fill the blanks and click a button. That’s it you’re done building the blog.

Before the step above you need to transfer your domain to your hosting, I can give you the method here, but it’s better to start a chat with a hostgator technical support member and let them help you do the transfer so that they’ll be responsible for whatever happens later.

Don’t worry it’s a straight forward process, just trying to simplify your part of the work and take the technical worries away from you.

Once you have a wordpress blog on your own domain start blogging about the subject you are going to be building your list about. It should be something you can help your readers with, at the same time there are affiliate products that can be sold to your readers that help them more.

By Affiliate Product I mean a product of someone else other than yourself that offers you commission for every sale they can track to you through a special link that they give you to use in your recommendation. You can find a ton of those products in a market place like (sign up for a free account, and you don’t need to buy anything, just create the free account).

A blog post could be something you write, preferably a story from your own experience, or a video (from you tube) with a few lines that you write as a commentary. Publish a bunch of those and move to the next step.

Now it’s time to give your readers a reason to subscribe to your mailing list. Go to your clickbank account and find products related to your subject. Open those products and visit their affiliate page (usually listed in the marketplace or there is a link on the sales page).

You are looking for a “brandable pdf”. It’s usually a pdf file that they embed your affiliate ID in it and you get to give it away for free to build your list with it. At the same time when someone reads the file and clicks any link to buy the original product (the one that gave you the pdf file) the links will track to your clickbank ID and you get paid a commission for that sale.

After you get the file upload it to your hosting using the file manager -> upload -> browse then select your file from you computer and click the ok button and you’re done.

Now get the url of your pdf (usually it’s if you uploaded it to the root folder in your hosting). Take this url to your iContact account and start a new list. Follow their instructions in the tutorial, it’s very straight forward.

When you get to the confirmation url copy/paste your pdf file url from the step above. In the “thank you” url you can choose iContact default thank you page or you if are willing to get more personal with your subscribers (recommended) build a “thank you” page and uploaded it to your hosting and use it’s url just as you did with your pdf file url. For now you can stick to iContact’s default thank you page.

At the end of this process you’ll be give an optin form code. Copy that and paste it in a “widget” in your wordpress dashboard, hit save, and you’re done.

Now you have a blog ready to collect names and emails in exchange for a great value (the pdf file).

A word of caution though. Some clickbank vendors copy their sales page and paste it into a word processor and convert it into a pdf file and give you that. This is what you don’t want to do. This pdf file is your first impression that you’ll give your subscribers, you’ve got only one shot. So make sure you read the pdf file and make sure it’s a great value. If it is not, write your own or if you have some money to invest hire an expert to write it for you, or interview an expert and give the audio file of the interview instead of the pdf to your subscribers.

Now it’s time to get people to visit your blog to get your valuable gift and subscribe to your list.

There are many ways to do this, but the fastest and most effective one is to get other list owners to tell their subscribers about your gift. And to do that you need to pay them money. To find the lists you google your subject and find websites that have optin forms on them. Contact those website owners and ask them how much it costs to send a “solo ad” to their lists (an email that you write with a catchy subject line). Get the offers and stat sending your solo ads. The cost could be any where between $50 and several hundreds, so you need to make sure your subject line and your email copy convert readers into subscribers.

The above could be costly if you’re going to use the trial and error rout. It also takes time until you have a winning formula (a good list owner with a good list, the best subject line, and the best email copy) so that you start to make money, which is not an instant business in a box, I know that.

To make it instant here are two important resources that provide you with a list of lists graded and rated based on their performance, and an emails swipe file that includes the email copies and the catchy subject lines:

The solo ad black book.

The email swipe file.

They both come with more training on email marketing, so you can start from a profitable point and enhance your system as you go.

Also keep in mind that these two are in the “Internet marketing” niche.

Now you have a system ready to build your ATM machine, but it can only be built if you start doing it. So go back to the beginning and start building your business.

Please note that I am in no way recommending or preaching that you quit your job and start building this source of income. The only time you might be able to do that is when your system is making you twice as much as your current job and you have enough savings that cover you for at least a year. These virtual businesses are subject to changes that are out of your control, like new laws, affiliate networks and products disappearing from the market, and google algorithms changing 400 times a year.

What if I don’t have enough money to invest in solo ads?

Social media is a good way to go about it, especially if your blog is not about Internet marketing. First start with facebook posts every time you post something on your blog. Ask you friends to like/share if they like your blog. This will give you some exposure and you might start seeing subscribers or maybe money. Also tweet about it, Google +1it, and even Lineked in’it.

A second step would be to build a facebook fan page and invite your friends to join it. In the fan page you’ll be posting about every post you have on your blog (and every time you have a new post on your blog post about it on the fan page), and also sharing valuable things that you find on the web that helps your fans.

Also on the fan page you can have your opt in form. Offer your fans the gift you have on your blog before they even vist it.

To get more fans you can use facebook as the fan page, go to other fan pages and socialize (like, comment, share) and leave valuable comments. This alone can get you some fans. After showing your kindness to those fan pages message their admins to post about your fan page. You started the favor by sharing their posts to your fans, now it’s their turn to return the favor.

What if I have no money at all to start?

The solo ads method is the fastest and gives instant results. But if you don’t have enough to start a website there is no point to sturggle with it. You can earn more than enough with the method below so that you can start with the above techniques.

In this case there are other ways to make a small amount of cash that you can use to start this business model. One way is to take surveys. On you can take surveys, perform tasks, take offers, and visit pages in exchange of some cash (surveys pay up to $7, but most are around $1). Once you reach $8 you can cash out to your paypal account and pay for your domain and hosting, and the autoresponder is for free for the first month, so you’re covered.

The other way is to create a profile on outsourcing websites like, and, and do what you do best to other people for some cash in return (fiverr is a good start).

I hope this helps you start immediately.

Just for the record this is a draft, I’ll be revising and adding more links and coupon codes later. Once I am done I’ll delete this paragraph or label it as done or updated.

Have a nice day fellow single parents.