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Invest in Virtual Real Estate

In the real world in which we live, real estate is one of the best investments due to the fact that it is always needed and hard to wreck. You know some exceptions like a good neibourhood gets infested or a gang member buys a house in it .. these things happen. Even then there is a way around it. Other than that the vast majority of real estate investments are good investments.

That’s based on the assumption that you did your homework and picked the good “location”.

In the virtual world things are not that much different. You pick a “location” that’s desirable, build your property on it, and you can rent some space, and eventually you can sell it.

In the virtual world, specifically on the web, the location is a domain name. A good “location” in this context would be a short one word domain with a .com extension or a short random 3-6 letters the work as an acronym for something. This could be a good investment in itself if you just register this domain.

The reality is that all of those domains are gone already. And to get one of those you need to buy and pay 5-6 figure to acquire it, or wait for it to expire and try to register it before the actual owner does. Sneaky and shady, but it happened with Google lately!

Another good “location” (domain name) to acquire and build a real estate on is something that has a high search volume keyword in it. Like “”, where losing weight is a high search volume keyword and a modifier “with Jessica” is needed because losing weight as a domain name is long gone.

Such property to have a high value it needs to have good content and get a decent mount of traffic daily. A good pratice is to publish two to three new articles every week and get social media exposure, which in turn helps your real estate get organic search traffic.

It is really that simple. Of course there is some SEO work to be done on the site as well as the social media exposure, but that’s sometimes done by just installing a plug in (if you are building your website with wordpress).

There will be some minor money investments at the beginning in the domain name registration and the hosting, most of the time under $100 (sometimes much less). The biggest investment, however, is your time if you are gonig to create the content yourself (highly recommended) or in hiring someone to do it for you.

The return on your investment is mainly from renting advertising space (whether directly to the advertiser or through something like Google Adsense. Affiliate links in the articles also make a substantial income that some are living just on that (like this article, the link below is an affiliate link). The more exposure your website gets the more money it could make you. And the more money it makes the higher the value of the website when you decide to sell it. Althoug sometimes the website revenue is not a factor when someone just wants to control the traffic that you are getting.

If you have an idea of a website don’t hesitate and click on the link below to start building your own virtual real estate.

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