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Alternative Medicine: A Growing Business Trend

Alternative medicine is one of the fastest growing trends in business, and has been so for the past few decades. The acupuncture clinics are all around the globe for all purposes starting from weight loss all the way up to help battling up with tumors. Reiki, Chi Qong, quantum touch, and all other kinds of universal energy practitioners are emerging everywhere. Hypnosis and other para-physical clinics are also spreading like wild fire. Herbal alternatives are also taking over the counter spots in pharmacy and health shops.

Whether they do the job or not is out of the scope of this article. I am not a physician and have no experience with any of the above alternative medicines. All what I know is that before modern medicine was established by the Arabs a thousand years ago there were people who got sick and either died or got treatment of some sort.

From business perspective this is one of the best investments, especially with the growing awareness of the dirty business done by pharmaceutical companies and by the medical sectors in some of the most developed countries.

Some medical sectors are now investing in alternative medicine. For instance, Reiki is incorporated in the treatment of tumors in some hospitals in Canada. In such community if you have a Reiki practitioner clinic it will certainly do well. It’s not just a prediction, it is happening as we speak.

Another form of business related to alternative medicine is not the clinics themselves. Now there are training centers for alternative medicine, like Reiki training in Toronto, Canada. This kind of training offers people to do it themselves to themselves and to their beloved others and they pay a few hundreds per training instead of paying thousands in visits to Reiki clinics when they need to.

This kind of training is also available online through home study courses like Pure Reiki┬átraining and many others. This business is growing and I have seen this kind of training selling like crazy over the past 3 years. It is a trend, but it’s not clear where the peak is.