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How To Get A Good Deal On A Car


Beat Car Dealers In Their Own Game

It’s a game. Everyone needs to master how to get a good deal on a car before even thinking about buying one. Buying a new car is like a mental battle between you and the dealership. Most of the time the dealers win. Sadly you, the buyer, end up paying more than what you should pay for your purchase.

Why do dealers win? What do they have that you don’t have? I mean you are the one who has the money. If you just say “no” and leave they are not going to hunt you down!

What the dealers have over you is some knowledge, and tons of experience. You might buy a car every 5-10 years. They sell cars every day. This is what they have and you don’t have.

If you want to win the battle with an auto dealership you need an insider to fight on your side. It’s not impossible, not even close.

Now for my plan to get the best deal on a car.

How to get a good deal on a car

Read this first

There are some stuff that you need to research before you go to the dealer. They are as important for you as having your cloths on. Going to the dealership without these pieces of information (preferably printed or written on a piece of paper) is a big no.

Please read this article first, then come back to see how to use this information

Write them down on a piece of paper and take it with you. The dealer will tell you your credit score (that he decided to give you). When you tell him “no, this is my official credit score, where did you get this number from?” you’re putting the first nail in their game superiority coven.

And when they give you the car price (again based on their own preference) and you tell him that “from the manufacturer I know that this car costs that much”, you’re now controlling the game.

But keep reading because it’s not over yet.

The action plan to ge ta good deal on a car

Attack … Control

The plan is to control the game. They’re used to people saying they’re just looking even if they need the car now. Then they take you through the dealership and you end up buying a car and wondering if you got ripped off.

Now to win the game you got to play your own game. You are in control. “I want the car, give it to me or else … I’ll go shopping for my car somewhere else”. Of course you’re not gonna say that, but your attitude will.

You walk in the dealership and you’ll immediately be approached by a salesman. Make it clear that you are shopping for a new car and ask the salesman to assist you. The next thing is that you’ll immediately ask for the specific car that you are their to buy. Use something like this: what colors (features, or whatever) do you carry for xyz (and name your car make and model).

Let the salesman take you to the car of your choice, or whatever they have close to it. Don’t wait for him to control the conversation. Knowing what you want is your weapon. And if they don’t have it they will try to sell you what they have because you made it clear that you are their to buy (90% of their customers say that they are just looking). 

Knowing specifically what you want and making it clear at the beginning of the conversation gives iyou an exit if things don’t go well: “this is not the car I wanted in the first place”.

Ask for a test drive and let the sales man get the keys from inside. Offer your drivers license to the salesman to leave a copy inside and ask him to bring it back with the keys. By doing this you are ruining all of his plans on taking any kind of control, because if you don’t he will get the keys from the inside, then ask you for the drivers license to make a copy while you are test driving the car. Then to get it back you have to follow his lead.

Check the hood stuff while the car is running, make sure what you see is exactly what you saw in the pictures you collected during your research. If you see something different ask the salesman “what is this part, and why other cars of the same model don’t have it?” or something like this according to the situation. This kind of questions helps you maintain control.

Take a drive around the block with the salesman in the passenger seat. Start negotiating the price in your way back to the lot. Keep the salesman busy looking for answers, if he says he has to check with the management for the price then open another discussion about the car. What you have done so far is that you made him believe that you are buying this car today. This is a powerful psychological trick; give hope. He will be really disappointed if you show any sign of dissatisfaction and will do anything to give you the deal you want.

Once you are back to the dealership lot if you haven’t talked about the price yet ask him to get you the price and tell him that you’ll wait in the lobby. When he comes back with the price don’t read it out loud. Just take out your pin and write down next to it the price you’ll accept.

You can go down as far as you want with this number as long as you know you are within the price range you’ve got from the quotes site. Too low price will make them feel that you have been pretending all the time that you are an expert and this is when they will regain confidence and control over the sales process. You don’t want that to happen.

The sales man might come back with a half-way deal. Don’t take it. Again write down the final number you are willing to pay, and this time you’ll put the exact number you know is fair for you to pay based on your research. Make sure the salesman understand that this is your final offer, and you’ll have to go otherwise.

Now start negotiating the trade in of your vehicle (that you already know it’s value from KBB). If you don’t like the offer take it out of the deal and sell it yourself.

Now it’s the financing time. You already have a reference point from your stop at the bank, or your credit union, or from the links above. You drive the conversation. Say that you’ve got 8.5% from xyz bank, and the dealer offers you 11%, you’ll say “I’ve got 8.5%,can you beat that?” Most of the time they can. If not, 8.5% is better than 11%. It is important for the dealer to give you the financing because he will pocket at least 1% of the 8.5%.

Never let the dealer add anything to the deal. All accessories can be purchased separately for a fraction of the the price, and without adding up to the financing interest, if you just wait until you drive your car around the block and come back to the same place from the parts department. Service plans are also meant to make you pay more on the long run than your car deserves in the form of more frequent services than the car needs, and financing the plan with the car.

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