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What to do at gun point

The first thing that came to my mind when I was asked this question is that I froze. And quite possibly I’ll freeze at gun point as well if I was alone, but as a parent almost all the time accompanied with my daughter I might just through myself on her for protection. But how effective is that? And how is she going to do at the age of 8 without me if the attacker decides to shoot? And how is my body going to keep the bullets away from her at a close distance?

An even worse question for me would be: what to do when a your kid is at a gun point? Knowing me I would just comply with the attackers and give them all what they want to buy my daughter’s safety.

Money and valuables don’t represent any real value to me. However, this situation is not going to pass without a scar in my daughter’s mind. As a parent it is my responsibility to ensure my daughter’s growth is on the right track, whether it is psychological, physical, cognitive … etc.

I started searching around the Internet for answers. I found some videos but they don’t really teach anything. They only show some Krav Maga experts doing some stuff. I even searched for Krav Maga classes near me. Too expensive, but my daughter’s well being is priceless. But still I kept searching.

I have some military training and some Karate under my belt, but I know it’s worthless now given the fact that I am not young and fast anymore, besides my fragile bones, arthritis, and many other diseases that make me a weakling rather than a self defender. Besides, I know first hand that all of what I learned in the military school has little¬†application in a street fight when you are unarmed and attacked by an armed gang.

So I continued to search for something I could learn that doesn’t involve using hurting my bones in the process of learning how to defend¬†myself and my family.

I listened to this presentation by Frank Bell. It sounded like the man is ready my thoughts and just saying them back to me. I decided to give it a try. I placed my order and will come back to write more about what I found inside to let you know whether it is worth your investment or not. But it costs less than one Krav Maga lesson in a local place.

You can have a look at the presentation yourself by clicking here.