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Car Buyer Tips

2 Things To Do And 5 Things You Must Avoid In Order To Get A Good Deal on a Car

Car buyer tips are flooding the world wide web. Every body seems to have tips for car buyers based on personal experience. Despite the fact that most of those car buyer tips sites are mainly for getting you to buy or subscribe to something, those tips are all from people who have the experience to write about the issue. Think about it this way: most of the adults in North America have cars, and every one of those car owners has a personal experience to share.

In this post I’ll sort some of the basic tips for car buyers. These tips are general and cover the very basic knowledge that every body should know. If you need further help you can read any of my other related topics.

Know What You Want

Before you go to the dealership or the car auction you’d better know exactly what you want. Use the Internet and do your research. Go to the manufacturer sites and check for the features each car provides. Then get price quotes from trusted websites. Compare models based on what makes more sense to you; like safety rating, acceleration, mileage, emissions … whatever that concerns you about your vehicle. When you go shopping for your car be as specific as one certain car in mind. This is a great advantage when you deal with the salesmen in the auto dealership.

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Do your research

You must know the following pieces of information before you go to the dealership (have them written on a piece of paper if you need to):

1.Your credit score, or
2.the lowest financing rate you can get from the bank, long you will need the car (financing vs lease), much is the trade in value of your old car (if you have one), and mentioned above; how much is the car that you want.

Your credit score, or the lowest financing rate you can get from the bank or your credit union is going to be your reference point to negotiate financing your new car with the dealership. How long you’ll need the car will help you decide whether to go for financing your purchase or accepting a lease. And the trade in value of your car and the price range for the new car will help you negotiate a good deal on the whole trade in/purchase process.


Don’t Do This


5 things to avoid when buying a car from a dealer

  1. Don’t buy accessories or service plans from the
    dealership at the time of signing the contract. You’ll have them
    financed as well, which means more money out of your pocket.
  2. Don’t buy a new car just around the time of
    releasing the new year’s models. Your car will lose a lot in value once
    the new models are released.
  3. Don’t go car shopping at the beginning of the
    month, always do the opposite when dealers could be short in a few
    sales to meet the monthly cap.
  4. Don’t fall for the “no hassle” signs, unless you
    are planning to pay in cash up front. Only then it will be a good deal.
    If you finance it you’ll pay more than if you buy from any other dealer.
  5. Never give a written commitment until you see all
    the numbers in the contract that you’ll sign.