White Kidney Bean Extract and Weight Loss Claims


White Kidney Bean Extract
This is one of the white kidney bean extract ad I received from the advertiser.

Like I do every work day, I was looking for a new product to promote as an affiliate to earn commission, and I found this white kidney bean extract diet for weight loss. As I was going through the landing page before I start building the campaign I discovered that I am one of the best people to talk about this product.

You know I am a scientist, with a PhD degree in biosystems engineering (which is a fancy term for genetic engineering). What I didn’t mention before on this website is that I also hold a MSc degree in plant physiology, in which I studied the physiology and biochemistry of beans in response to some herbicides.

While writing the introduction of my dissertation I came across a piece of info that was interesting at the time and it explained some of my findings. That piece of info is that kidney beans seeds contain an amylase inhibitor that disallows the enzyme from binding to starch molecules and hence stops it from working.

I know this might sound too mumbo jumbo so I’ll explain it in a simpler way.

The enzyme alpha-amylase is the enzyme responsible for breaking down starch into smaller pieces before those pieces are broken down further into even saller pieces by beta-amylase, that end up broken down into glucose unites by another set of enzymes (glucosidases).

These amylase enzymes exists in plants, animals, and humans as well. We produce this enzyme in the saliva by the salivary glands and in the intestine by the pancreas. The job of this enzyme is to digest start so that we can use the glucose from which the starch is built.

For the enzyme to work on the substrate (starch in our case) both the enzyme and the substrate should come in contact and the substrate kind of fits in a certain spot on the enzyme called the active site. After that the enzyme starts the action, which is cutting the substrate.

A competitive amylase inhibitor is a natural product that exists in the kidney bean seeds. As it binds to the enzyme it blocks it from binding to starch, and consequently blocks the cutting down of starch into smaller pieces.

By inhibiting this step in the digestion of starch the whole process is pretty much impaired because the smaller starch pieces are the recognizable substrate for the further enzymes in the breakdown chain of reactions. So if this one is blocked you don’t get the glucose that your body can use.

And this is exactly how the white kidney bean extract can help reduce your weight.

By blocking your amylase enzymes from breaking down the starch you can eat as much starchy foods (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, puddings … etc) as you want without worrying about the increase in you carbohydrate intake, because you simply don’t digest them and your body can not absorb them.

So it works. And I can confirm this from the work I’ve done in my Masters degree in the early 1990s.

With that said, there’s a side effect that you need to know before you decide to add white kidney bean extract to your weight loss supplement arsenal.

As your body doesn’t digest the starch and it passes in your intestine all the way to the end, this start can become food for your intestinal flora that includes beneficial bacteria and harmful yeast cells. Guess which one will have the advantage?

So when you use this product, depending on the composition of your intestinal flora you might or might not experience any side effects. Your indicator will be the bloating. If you get too bloated after you start consuming the white kidney bean extract it means your flora includes too much yeast and they have started to digest and ferment this starch on their own. If I were you in this case I will discontinue using this product and try to fix this problem first with probiotics before I try it one more time.

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Tracking Devices Could Save a Life

trackrThis last winter was one of the harshest in my short life of 46 years on this planet. While most people were hiding from the cold in their homes some lost their lives because of the extremely low temperatures.

A young man was found dead next to his wheelchair on the side walk, another senior was also found dead in the cold, and they are both hear breaking if you imagine their suffering while freezing to death unable to save their own lives.

There is victim though that I consider to be the most heart breaking. It’s the loss of the toddler Elijah March. This is the one that gives me the worst feeling I’ve ever had for my whole life, although I had to prepare and bury my own son and a lost my father without having the chance to say goodbye or be by his side in his last days.

The toddler left his grand mother’s residence at around 4:00 am and wandered in the open at -40-something degrees wearing a diaper, a T-shirt and a pair of boots. Just by writing about it now 4 months later I am fighting my tears because I am in a public place. And no matter how long I will write about my feelings I am sure I’ll never be able to explain it. It’s like living Elijah’s suffering with him every time I remember, like right now.

Thanks to my neighbours I got some time off the writing before I start crying (Yes Men Cry! Live With It!).

In my faith nothing happens without the permission of the Almighty God, and I am sure that the Merciful God made it go easy for the Elijah without the suffering that I am imagining as He is more merciful with us than we imagine.

I also believe that nothing happens without a good reason. Immediately after the incident some safety experts showed up on TV and started a series of tips on how to child-proof your home so that other children will not have the chance to leave their beds and the whole building without their parents noticing.

Two things I may add to their tips though. One is going to be a high enough lock that can not be reached by a the toddler standing on a chair on top of a coffee table (this is my view based on how my home is furnished, you modify it based on your circumstances).

The other one is a tracking device. You know those tracking devices scientists use to track endangered species in nature installed under the skin or in the ear of the animal? Why don’t we have some of those for children as well?

They don’t have to be permanently installed on the body of the child, they can be warn in something like a bracelet around the child’s ankle every time they are going to be out of sight, like when they are in bed or in the play area.

As a marketer I have access to all kinds of products that need my marketing help, and I found this tracking device, TrackR Bravo, that can be used to track pets, keys, cars, wallets … basically anything. And the way it works is exactly what I was looking for.

This tracking device can be used via an iPhone or Android app that uses GPS to locate the item this device is attached to, giving you a sound warning when this item goes as far as 100 feet away from you, and you can track it directly with your app within 150 miles range, and if it goes further and another smart phone with the app installed on it comes as close as 100 feet to it you get a signal with a precise map location.

It is not only for toddlers and young children, even teenagers and adults could use this kind of technology. The number of kidnaps that end up with murder is scary to any parent. The kidnapper might make sure to get the phone from your kid, but they might not recognize a tracking device in the belt or bracelet.

This tracking device has been shipping out since March, so you can order it now without any waiting time.

You can order TrackR Bravo here.

It’s the kind of products I would recommend to my sister to track her kids and would be proud to say I do marketing for this product.

And if you do pray to God please keep it in your prayers to save all the children in the world from any kind of harm.

$1/month Basic Web Hosting from Go Daddy

GoDaddy_1_Dollar_HostingMillions of people search every month for cheap web hosting every month. I know that because I have the tools to get to know what people are searching for online. And since I build many websites for myself and my friends and clients, I have a good idea about this market.

The cheapest web hosting deal around is GoDaddy’s special offer of $12/year and it comes with a free domain name registration.

There’s a reason it is that cheap. It’s a basic hosting and this price is only for the first year. After that you’ll be paying the regular price which is $3.99/month if you pay for 2 years in advance.

When I compare it with a iPage web hosting ($2.25/month) I see more than double the price, but I get $200 of advertising coupons to spend with Facebook, Google, and bing! Now this is a good deal.

So here is how I would go around it. If I need a personal blog or a I am going to build a money making website and send traffic to it using free methods only I would take GoDaddy’s deal. The cost is less than a medium sized pizza and that’s all. I’ll think about the regular price later when I the year is over.

The opposite is true if I want to build a professional website for a client or myself, or a website that’s too commercial to optimize for search engines (no real value for the readers other than finding the product they’re searching for), in that case I’ll take iPage’s deal. $200 of free advertising could be at least doubled if I have an optimized paid-advertising campaign ready.

You’ve got the idea, reflect on your own situation. Do you need advertising? Go for iPage. You don’t need the advertising? Go for GoDaddy.


Latest Siimba Club’s Offer: A 7 inch Android Tablet for $1

Siimba-Android-Tablet-for-1-dollarToday I found this offer from Siimba to the Canadian market. The offer is $1 for 3-day-trial, and if you link to them on Facebook (they give you the link, not just anyone) and get 3 of your friends to LIKE them on Facebook you get a 7 inch Android tablet (valued $229).

Pretty good deal if you ask me.

The details are important to understand before you sign up.

Siimba club is a saving club. As a member you get access to discounts and savings on basically anything you could buy from the market.

You know those flyers that come in the mail with weekly deals from the grocery stores? It’s kind of like that but it extends to cover everything you might need for your household.

Cameras, cell phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, home theatres, printers, desktops, monitors, home appliances … are just examples of what you get discounts on.

Those deals are exclusive, which means you only get access to these deals through your Siimba club’s membership.

But there is a CATCH!

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad one.

Those deals are locked. To Unlock each deal there’s a video ad that comes with it, and you are required to share it (use Facebook, twitter, and Google+ for fastest results) and get a certain volume of views over a certain stretch of time.

Can you do that?

I am pretty sure you can. Everyone with a Facebook account and some friends can do it.

As a single parent I highly appreciate this kind of deals, and I am in a hunt for such. And I highly recommend it.

I don’t have to tell you now that Siimba pays me commission, do I? OK, they do. But who cares, you get the deals and I get the commission, it’s a win/win.

CPH4: Does it exist?

lucy-CPH4brain killing foods CPH4In one of the rare occasions that I decide to waste 2 hours of my time watching a movie I decided to watch Lucy by Luc Besson. I saw the banner on a bus last year and it caught my eyes. You know, I am into marketing and advertising is part of what I do.

And I am glad I did. This movie is genius. Although there is some criticism to the science behind it, still it is a movie that deserves to be watched.

The whole idea of synthesizing a compound that is naturally produced by the a pregnant woman’s body and introduce it to adults as a hallucination drug and turns out to be at larger doses a brain enhancer … it just got me.

The next time I have enough time to spend on watching a movie with company I will go for this one.

Now back to the CPH4 thing.

First of all I am a scientist and I hold a PhD in biology. So I think I qualify to talk about this issue.

Basically this chemical compound with this name (or abbreviation) is not known to scientists. The director says that it does exist and that he changed its name.

Although there is research about the chemistry behind the cell development in embryonic phases, to my knowledge so far there is no such a chemical compound, CPH4 or otherwise, that single-handedly pushes the cells to develop into bones.

To make it easier to understand, this power of a compound that controls the development of a group of cells in a certain part of the undifferentiated mass of cells is only given to hormones. Ahormone is like an orchestra conductor. It tells certain cells in certain locations what to do, including differentiation into other types of cells.

So no it is not the CPH4 synthase you found (or will find) on Wikipedia. That’s an enzyme, not a hormone. This enzyme synthesizes CPH4 (6-carboxy-5,6,7,8-tetrahydropterin), which is one step in a pathway that produces queuosine (a modified nucleotide found in tRNA both in bacteria and eukaryotes like you and me). Again this can not single-handedly do anything major. tRNA is a molecule involved in the translation of genes into the functional (enzymes or structural) proteins. Nothing extra.

A hormone has more power and a wider range of action that an enzyme that facilitates only one reaction, which is a part of a pathways among tens others that lead to one event in the life of a cell.

There is a synthetic compound known as CPh4 or C(Ph)4 or tetraphenylmethane (Ph stands for Phenyl, it has 4 of those, attached to one carbon atom). This is not a naturally occurring chemical, it’s a synthetic hydrocarbon that has been synthesized in the lab back in 1898. It is available from chemicals companies like Sigma and is cheap, so it can’t be it. Also it doesn’t dissolve in water and is not blue (there is a blue derivative though). The one in the movie was dissolved in water and introduced to Lucy intravenously.

CPh4 above and its derivatives have a biological activity affecting cell membrane permeability through hole transport of electrons and ions (that’s electricity, hence the electrical impulses that cells exchange as a communication method as mentioned at the end of the movie, probably this is where Luc got his idea).

With all the respect that Luc deserves as a genius director, I can not rely on his understanding of the scientific literature.

However, he said in an interview that he has changed the name of the compound to CPH4 in the movie, and that it is a substance produced in tiny quantities by the pregnant woman’s body at the 6th week of pregnancy. The effect on adults is his movie-director thing, not science.

Certainly there must be some roots for his idea. He must have read about one of the known hormones that govern embryo development, then he used his artistic creativity to make CPH4 out of it.

The movie is fun to watch, and the idea is both smart one and at the same time touched something in me. It gave me both hope and motivation. Hope in the future in the dark world we are living in right now and a motivation to use all of my resources to the maximum limit, and push it even beyond my current abilities to get the most out of my limited time on Earth.

The moral I got from the movie is to “pass it on”.

You can watch the movie online legally (not a pirated copy) here.