Low energy, can’t focus, but must keep going!

Are you like me? I used to be full energy. Whatever project I start I don’t stop working (except for vital trips to the bathroom and to eat) until I am done with it. I’ve always been able to focus on the task at hand, and even multitask when necessary without compromising my accuracy. But […]

Rule #1 to Become a Millionaire: Act Poor

Becoming a millionaire from scratch looks like a huge challenge to most people. Reality is, if you are making an average of $25,000 annual income, you are a life-time millionaire if you keep making that much until you retire. But what happens to this money is that it’s always spent completely, especially with almost everybody […]

Financial Tips for Surviving Spouses

Financial Tips for Surviving Spouses Author: Lisa Nichols Financial tips for surviving spouses are a necessary part of creating an independent life as a widow. According to research conducted by the Social Security Administration in 2005, the poverty rate for elderly widows has been more than three times higher than that of married women in […]