Tips for Saving Money

It became a habit on this blog that whenever I contribute to the blog community of authors and writers I give the “save money for investment” advice. Let’s face it, if you make a million bucks a year and spend 2 millions your not rich, but you’re in debt. It’s not all about how much […]

Work at Home Scams: Protect Yourself

A group of scam artists developed a proven scheme to prey on senior citizens, moms, disabled people, and those who want to get rich quick. The last I received some of those letters in the mail was like 5 years ago, now the Internet is taking over as a medium to spread their poison. The […]

Rule #1 to Become a Millionaire: Act Poor

Becoming a millionaire from scratch looks like a huge challenge to most people. Reality is, if you are making an average of $25,000 annual income, you are a life-time millionaire if you keep making that much until you retire. But what happens to this money is that it’s always spent completely, especially with almost everybody […]

Financial Tips for Surviving Spouses

Financial Tips for Surviving Spouses Author: Lisa Nichols Financial tips for surviving spouses are a necessary part of creating an independent life as a widow. According to research conducted by the Social Security Administration in 2005, the poverty rate for elderly widows has been more than three times higher than that of married women in […]