Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone If you have visited website recently you would have noticed the announcement of the newest Amazon product: Amazon fire phone, a smart phone designed by Amazon. After creating their top notch tablet Kindle Fire, the only next step that makes sense is to create a smart phone built and operated by […]

Driving Anxiety

Stress Behind the Wheel: Driving Anxiety My wife (we’re separated, but still married) has fear of spiders. Well … all kinds of bugs to be honest. Yet she has no fear of flying, cars, guns, knives … and all of the really dangerous stuff you can imagine. I never understood the psychology behind her fears […]

Using Coupons to Save on Day to Day Expenses

Have you ever watched extreme couponing on TV when the nice lady shows up at the cashier with tons of groceries and after she uses the coupons she ends up paying six bucks? I need to shop with that that lady :-). It’s not a randome thing she’s doing by clipping coupons from magazines or […]

How To Get A Good Deal On A Car

  Beat Car Dealers In Their Own Game It’s a game. Everyone needs to master how to get a good deal on a car before even thinking about buying one. Buying a new car is like a mental battle between you and the dealership. Most of the time the dealers win. Sadly you, the buyer, […]