White Kidney Bean Extract and Weight Loss Claims

Like I do every work day, I was looking for a new product to promote as an affiliate to earn commission, and I found this white kidney bean extract diet for weight loss. As I was going through the landing page before I start building the campaign I discovered that I am one of the […]

Tracking Devices Could Save a Life

This last winter was one of the harshest in my short life of 46 years on this planet. While most people were hiding from the cold in their homes some lost their lives because of the extremely low temperatures. A young man was found dead next to his wheelchair on the side walk, another senior […]

$1/month Basic Web Hosting from Go Daddy

Millions of people search every month for cheap web hosting every month. I know that because I have the tools to get to know what people are searching for online. And since I build many websites for myself and my friends and clients, I have a good idea about this market. The cheapest web hosting […]

Latest Siimba Club’s Offer: A 7 inch Android Tablet for $1

Today I found this offer from Siimba to the Canadian market. The offer is $1 for 3-day-trial, and if you link to them on Facebook (they give you the link, not just anyone) and get 3 of your friends to LIKE them on Facebook you get a 7 inch Android tablet (valued $229). Pretty good […]